Our Mission
Is to promote, encourage and stimulate the breeding and improvement of all varieties of budgerigars.

Our Role
To hold competitions to showcase the exhibition budgerigar from time to time in an environmentally friendly and appropriate venue taking into account all weather conditions. To actively participate in promoting feelings of good fellowship and sportsmanship among our members and all other persons interested in Budgerigars. To assist all members, old or new, plus any prospective members by showing respect, encouragement and honesty to ensure that each is given full opportunity to embrace this wonderful hobby that we have been blessed to be caretakers of.
At every opportunity promote the growth of the budgerigar hobby for future generations to enjoy.

Our Values
To be honest with the selling of budgerigars to all fanciers ensuring that the birds are in good health and that they do not have any known breeding faults, for example, do not lay, eat eggs, soft shelled eggs, infertile etc. To be forthcoming with advice attained through our own experience in the fancy. To ensure the husbandry of the budgerigar is first rate at home and when on display. To adhere to the hot weather policy of cancelling competitions or displays if the forecast temperature for the event is 33 Degrees or beyond (this forecast is to be taken the night prior via the news media).

The Mount Gambier Budgerigar Society had its humble beginning as the Caged Bird’s Club in 1979. In August of 1984, the Cage Bird Club was dissolved into the Canary Club, and the Mount Gambier Budgerigar Society.
The club has some 25 financial members, and has successfully held a Diploma show every year since 1985.
In 2002, the date of the show was moved to October to coincide with the Mount Gambier Agriculture & Horticultural society event.
Three of the members of the Mount Gambier club have been awarded Life Memberships.
They are: Nigel Tonkin (June 1994), Doreece Brunton (June 1995), and Mr. Frank Tilley (June 1997).

As meeting dates, times and locations can vary from time to time, please contact one of the Committee Members listed below for information relating to meetings:

Mr Frank Tilley
Ph: (08) 8725 4303

Vice President
Mr David Botha
Ph: 0417 859 566

Mr Laurie Barber
RSD 1275
Millicent SA 5280
Ph: (08) 8734 3192


Show Secretary
Mrs Doreece Brunton
Ph.(08) 8725 6052


BCSA Delegates
Nigel Tonkin
David Botha

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