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Balance in the Exhibition Budgerigar

‘If they disagree with many of the things I say they are free to say so; I do not ask for approval; I merely state views based on my own experiences in the past, I make neither excuses nor please for approval; this book […]

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Upgrading Your Stud

“This article was compiled from notes George Duffield used for his presentation at the March 2000 General Meeting of the North East Budgerigar Society. I felt that the content was important enough to be made available to those who missed the meeting. George has […]

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How to use a hospital cage

by John Fisher This is a piece of equipment which every bird fancier should have and usually can be purchased from your local bird society. If a sick bird is given warmth there is a far better chance of it being cured when under […]

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Getting Started

Read this great little report on getting started with exhibition budgerigars by David Botha.   Getting Started

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Management and Training of Young Birds

By Kelwyn Kakoschke The young bird’s training for exhibition is a very important part of the bird’s life. A couple of hours of the correct procedure when the bird is ready to leave its parents will save you hours, maybe weeks, later on.   […]

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The Spangle: 2011 Update

by John Mulley  Surprisingly no new budgerigar mutations have appeared since the spangle around about 1974 and the saddleback in 1975. Or at least that is what I wrote 14 years ago. In fact, other new mutations have occurred. The blackface appeared in 1992 […]

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A New Mutation – White Cap

By Nigel Tonkin On a visit to the aviaries of Kevin O’Callaghan in Rockhampton Queensland AUSTRALIA in 2010 a couple of birds that did not appear to be the norm stood out. These birds had a Yellow Face with no yellow in the cap. […]

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