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BCSA National Class Winners


BCSA Champion Breeder

The BCSA Exhibitor Status Movement System provides for an Open breeder to be acknowledged as a Champion breeder during the year after they accumulate a minimum total of 85 points in a showing year.

Since the inception of the Status Movement System in 2010 the following BCSA breeders have been acknowledged as Champion Breeders.

No of Points accumulated that year shown in brackets.

Kakoschke & Rice: 2010 (185), 2011 (170), 2012 (110), 2014 (145), 2015 (235),  2016 (210)

Dennis Lomman:  2014 (100), 2016 (105)

Mulley & Stafford: 2013 (90)

Wayne & Jason Weidenhofer: 2015 (95)

BCSA Life Members

The following BCSA members were awarded life membership on 16 July 2016 and on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the BCSA.

Graham Bell

Doreece Brunton

Peter Glassenbury

John Mulley

Nigel Tonkin