by John Fisher

This is a piece of equipment which every bird fancier should have and usually can be purchased from your local bird society. If a sick bird is given warmth there is a far better chance of it being cured when under treatment. The warmth alone is sufficient to effect a cure in some cases.

The right temperature for a sick bird is between 27 and 30 degrees celcius(approx 90 degrees farenheit). The bird is placed in the hospital cage and the heat is turned on. If the cage is brought up to the required temperature first, then the bird put in, you will find that the bird may become distressed. Too sudden a change in weather conditions, heat or cold, is no good for sick birds.

After the bird has been cured it is a good idea to gradually reduce the heat to the normal temperature, then transfer the bird to another cage for a couple of days and, if satisfied that it has been completely cured, transfer it back to the aviary. Always clean and disinfect the cage after use.

One main point when buying your hospital cage is that it has a thermometer inside and if possible a thermostat. Also when using a hospital cage, be certain there is plenty of water for your bird. Always leave the ventilation slightly open so as to allow some of the heated air to escape and raise the front glass, if possible, to let a little fresh air in.

Many birds have been lost due to neglect of these procedures; birds usually expiring because of dehydration rather than the ailment for which they were originally placed in the cage.

I hope that this will help people when using their hospital cage and maybe more birds can be saved.

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