Welcome to the Budgerigar Council of South Australia

Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA) is the controlling body representing affiliated budgerigar clubs
throughout South Australia, Australia.

Cancellation of the National Show in May 2022

The Executive of the Budgerigar Council of South Australia Inc has held a crisis meeting in relation to the holding of the 47th National Show. As the host state, it was decided with regret to cancel the event due to much uncertainty surrounding the course of the current pandemic. 

The decision was based on the combined risks of potential border restrictions, flight disruptions, teams impacted in transit or once in SA, density limits at the venue and a possible new wave of the pandemic as the weather cools.

The personal health of attendees given their age demographic was however our primary concern and as this has already impacted on key personnel within the BCSA the situation has been further exacerbated.

The BCSA Executive delayed making a final decision for as long as possible but the current rapidly escalating situation with the Covid pandemic throughout Australia has required this decisive action.

Fanciers need to be made aware of this decision urgently to save them from booking airfares and accommodation.

Peter Glassenbury
On behalf of the BCSA Executive.